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  • If you are following the Weekly Timetabled course, please stick to the timetable and don't work ahead otherwise you will miss out on your feedback.

  • We look forward to inspiring you and seeing your inspirational ideas.

SESSION 1 - Introduction to Business
You will learn about entrepreneurship, the economy, business basics and products.

SESSION 2 - Marketing Mix (Product) and Brand 
Learn about the Golden Rules of Product Development and start designing your brand

SESSION 3 - Money Matters, Profit Pie and Marketing Mix (Price)
You will learn about The Profit Pie, think about your expenses and learn about Price.

SESSION 4 - Budget and Marketing Mix (Promotion)
You will finalise your Profit Pie budget and work out how your idea can be promoted.

SESSION 5 - Marketing Mix (Place) and your Skillset
You will think about the best place to sell your product and put together your CV to showcase your skills and interests.

SESSION 6 - Business Plan

You will bring together all your knowledge and finalise your business plan

SESSION 7 - Next Steps

You will learn how to get raise money to launch your very own business venture.


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