My advice to other young entrepreneurs is to keep working, keep trying and don’t give up, even if something goes wrong.

Definitely have a go at this course! It is super fun and can benefit you a lot from learning about different things involving the marketing system, I certainly didn’t know much when I started, but now all my questions have been answered!

Clemmie says “I always knew I wanted to do something along the lines of wellbeing and mental health, and I knew that wax melts are something children are particularly interested in at the moment. So, I added the two things together and that’s how Relax Wax began.”

Relax Wax.png

On the course, I learned that Product, Price, Promotion and Place are big parts of becoming an entrepreneur. I also learned how to calculate a profit and find a good balance to start my business up successfully. I learned that you have to consider a lot of things to become an entrepreneur and it isn’t easy, but with perseverance it is super fun and enjoyable.

My favourite part of the course was creating my written business plan and video. I loved editing it all and coming up with even more ideas than I had already.


My plans for my mini business have certainly been adjusting and changing over time, but I think I am going to start off by selling on a street stall (somewhere children typically go, so more potential customers are near) and then sell via website and email. I am also hoping that (later on) I can start donating part of my proceeds to a good cause.

Great work Clemmie!  

Move aside come Relax Wax!

Ben Stevens Certificate.jpg

The advice I would give to other young entrepreneurs would be to find a good location and a need for your business in that area so people can find it and buy your product. Also, you need to make sure you don’t have too much competition and if you do, make sure to undercut them.

I really enjoyed the course and think it was perfect to help get my business started. Thank you Stride!

Ben noticed that he lived in a ‘dog owner hotspot’ and spotted an opportunity to sell Pawsome, beyond awesome Doggy Kits to keep dogs and their owners happy and healthy.  Ben set about finding the perfect combination of goodies to include in the kit, including home made peanut butter dog treats, tennis balls to play fetch and poo bags.

Ben Logo.jpeg

We posed a few questions to Ben and this is what he had to say:

I wanted to do this course because I wanted to know how I could start my own business and wanted to learn how to write a business plan. I had been thinking about a potential business idea for a while and I really loved the first free trial session so I decided to do the business course.

My favourite part of the course was doing the budget because I was excited to see if my business would be profitable or not.

I came up with the idea for my product: ‘Doggie Kits’ after I noticed that there were many people with dogs coming into the village where we often go on holiday. There is only one shop there that sells dog products (dog ice creams) and they are nothing like mine. There is a need for dog kits there.

I plan to launch my mini business and then go online and do orders with ‘doggie kits weekly’. It can be subscription based and all you need for your dog every week.

Well done Ben!  

We can't wait to hear how your business is going.

Lucia Entrepreneur of the Month.jpeg

Lucia has been testing our Stride website

this month and has shown real resilience

and patience throughout.  All our videos

and worksheets were tested by Lucia and

her insight and suggestions for

improvement were invaluable.


But she didn't just test our new online

course - she came up with her very own product idea at the same time.  And, as soon as it is allowed, she will be taking orders for her product, Dough Dough.

Lucia came up with her idea for home baked bread delivered in her local area, starting off with door-to-door deliveries and, once she builds up a name for herself, taking orders online.  She will allow customers to select the type of bread they would like, ranging from olive loaves to stoneground and seeded loaves.  And for that extra bit of value-added - each loaf comes with a positive message to brighten up her customers' day even more.  Well done Lucia, we look forward to reading about and sharing your success soon so that other young people can learn from your experience - the good ones and the challenges!