This is the online learning space where budding young business people, aged between 10 and 13,  get to put their young minds to work in this online business course while thinking up and planning a mini business


You will do 6 online sessions where you will learn about and practise being an entrepreneur.


There will be:

  • videos

  • worksheets

  • quizzes

  • flashcards

  • lots of opportunity to have discussions with and learn from adults at home


After that, you will do the Next Steps Bonus session to see how you can turn your business idea into reality.

READY to get started...
Your school will give you a password for each session.

  • Simply click on the arrow for the session you are on, type in the password and start learning.

  • Make sure you complete each session before moving to the next one.

  • Please stick to the timetable and don't work ahead as you will miss out on your feedback.

  • We look forward to seeing your inspirational ideas!

SESSION 1 - Introduction to Business
You will learn about entrepreneurship, the economy, business basics and products.

SESSION 2 - Marketing Mix (Product) and Brand 
Learn about the Golden Rules of Product Development and start designing your brand

SESSION 3 - Money Matters, Profit Pie and Marketing Mix (Price)
You will learn about The Profit Pie, think about your expenses and learn about Price.

SESSION 4 - Budget and Marketing Mix (Promotion)
You will finalise your Profit Pie budget and work out how your idea can be promoted.

SESSION 5 - Marketing Mix (Place) and your Skillset
You will think about the best place to sell your product and put together your CV to showcase your skills and interests.

SESSION 6 - Business Plan

You will bring together all your knowledge and finalise your business plan

SESSION 7 - Next Steps

You will learn how to get raise money to launch your very own business venture.