Session 11 - The Budget

 This is Elena's favourite topic!

She will teach you what a Budget is,

show you some examples

and go through the Bageez business case study.

Then, step by step,

you'll fill in your own numbers on your worksheet

And finally, there’s a fun QUIZ

for you to relax after all that hard work!

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Have a go at the matching quiz below to check your learning!

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CLICK on the PDF below to download the                case study


Use this case study as a guide when you complete the Quantity Worksheet for your own product.

It will help you to see how we have worked out Quantity for BAGEEZ.

CLICK on the PDF to download the worksheet


Complete the worksheet and keep it in your Stride Bootcamp folder. 

You've completed SESSION 11!  

Next we're back to promotion - time to get creative!


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