Session 10 - The Marketing Mix : Price

In this session, you’ll return to the Marketing Mix,

and the second P - Price.   

You’ll learn what you need to think about

before deciding on the price for your product. 

And we have a great Secret Millionaires Club

video called Why Pay More?. 

At the end of the session, you’ll complete your Price worksheet for your own mini-business. 

CLICK the play button in the box below to start Session 10

CLICK on the PDF below to download the                case study


Use this case study as a guide when you complete the Quantity Worksheet for your own product.

It will help you to see how we have worked out Quantity for BAGEEZ.

CLICK on the PDF or Word document to download the worksheet


Complete the worksheet and keep it in your Stride Bootcamp folder. 

You've completed SESSION 10!  

Let's move on...


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